This week’s Adweek had an interesting article about Kraft creating a safe area on, to promote its products to students in a supposedly hip way. Kraft will develop four webisodes of a tongue-in-cheek show called the “Really Frugal Gourmet” touting its products.

What is very interesting is that Kraft went to a site popular with the 18-25 year-old male target they wanted to reach and worked with them to create a safe area. fully lives up to its name and features a considerable amount of raucous content. However, both Kraft and the site worked together so that Kraft could advertise and not raise the ire of family values groups. I should point out that has toned down since Barry Diller bought them and worked to make the site more advertiser-friendly. That begs the question of whether the site will remain attractive to its audience.


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  1. […] even further in targeting this demographic by partnering with for a series of “Really Frugal Gourmet” webisodes. These didn’t have the staying power of the U-Starvin site, I think because they brought the […]

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